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A family of a fisherman's tradition

Generations of sailors and fishermen on the Costa Brava are the basis of our roots. From a very young age Xaco saw how at Peixos Catalina, the parents company, they were buying and selling fish and seafood from the fish auction to its transportation by horses carriages to the villages of Costa Brava and even in Barcelona, having as well their own place at the Palamós harbour fish market. 


At the age of 16 Xaco started working at Xivarri in Palamós, property of his older brother Pitu; it was a popular cuisine tavern which was the meeting point for the artists of that period where they boosted the Havaneras (seafaring Catalan traditional songs) and where the master José Luis Ortega Monasterio wrote the famous song “El meu avi”.


And that is where it happened; surrounded by friends and people from the sea where Xaco learnt the traditional recipes of the fishermen such as the sarsuelas and rices that they used to cook on the boats back in the times.

From fish shop to a restaurant

The access to the most excellent fish and seafood of the Palamós Harbour made possible the success of the fish shops that Xaco opened in different villages on the Costa Brava. Famous for the great variety and quality of fresh product from our coast.


In the summer of 1986, a new place was opened in a little corner at the entrance of Platja d’Aro, it was a fish shop with its own lobsters and seafood tanks.


Using some tables and chairs they open a little outdoors space where they used to serve fried and grilled fish. After seeing the success, two years later, they covered the terrace creating what it was going to be the first dining room of the restaurant.


Seafood and "market kitchen"


During all this years, we have preserved the initial position of our fish shop and lobsters tanks taking care to maintain the very essence of our origins. Always offering the biggest variety of fish and seafood from the Palamós Harbour mainly and also some other small fishing villages on the Costa Brava.


Thanks to our fishermen friends and our own family we get fresh fish and seafood every morning and every afternoon to guarantee the highest quality and freshness in our product before each service. Pure Km 0.


Seafood and daily market cuisine is what characterises us and makes us unique; Keeping traditional recipes from fishermen dating from back in the times.

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